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Title Munro Letters: June 21 1917; George Brock Chisholm to Melville Munro
Abstract George Brock Chisholm writes to his close friend, Melville, from his location in France. He talks about his battalion and gives Melville some advice about which troops are the best. He also updates on what he's doing as a scout, and wishes his friend good luck.
Date 1917/06/21
Collection Private Gordon Munro Letters WW1 1915-1918
Letter Transcript France
June 21st/17

Dear Pork,
Got your letter two or three days ago, but have been most horribly busy. Didn't you get my answer to your first letter yet? It may have been torpedoed in the Channel or something. Have just written to Grace Ryrie & Dad. Say Pork, if you're writing home any time would you

(PAGE 2)
mind just mentioning the last time you heard from me in case I can't write for a week or so or if my letters are lost. So, you're going to be a M.G. artist. "Vicker's", I suppose. That's lots better than being in a Battn., as you don't do any front line duty, all overhead & in direct fire.
If you get a choice, try to come to the 13th M.G. Co'y, 1st Div. I know the O.C. & officers very well and a Col. of the A.C.O. & men too, and they are a fine bunch. I was crazy enough

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to turn down a job in it a couple of months ago. The reason was that I was very much interested in my scouts at the time. Now however, I'm in charge of drill, bayonet fighting, P.T. & sports at the 3rd Bdn. School, well behind the line.
We train new drafts and untrained men are sent down from Bns. to our tender mercies. We work hard from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. Tomorrow I am going up the line with a flock of men from each Bn in the Bde. Will stay with

(PAGE 4)
The Btn. or in a city on the way back tomorrow. It isn't all mud and corruption out here, you see. That umpteen mile motor ride tomorrow will be fine. Well Pork, I'm sleepy. Hope you get to the 13th M.G.C.; the 3rd M.G.C. is next best and after that the 1st, but try hard for the 13th. If you go broke Pork, let me know. I usually have an odd sum and can send along a cheque.
Best of luck and don't be in too much of a hurry. Best to Brem & Art, Hager, Wass, & Frenchy.

Toujours votre ami,
Search Terms Munro
World War I
Creator George Brock Chisholm
Object Name Letter
Catalog Number 2017.22.124