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Title Munro Letters: 1916 Mar. 6: from Gordon Munro to James E. Munro
Abstract In which Gordon sends news from the front to his father. Included is mention of the weather; Billy Flaretty, a fellow Canadian soldier; Y.M.C.A. concerts; receipt of letters and parcels from home; and, an English soldier nicknamed “the Dean”.
Date 1916/03/06
Collection Private Gordon Munro Letters WW1 1915-1918
Letter Transcript Belgium Mar. 6/16

Dear Father, -

This is Monday & some day too. We had snow the other night about 2 or 3 inches deep & it melted & covered whole fields with water then it froze & snowed again & its still here. The sun is getting stronger all the time now & we’ll soon be having summer weather.

We had a great time in billets last week, one day Brock & I were going along the road & Brock met Billy Flaretty from Galt. I guess his name is spelt wrong but thats how it sounds. He just came over last week & he was billeted near us so we had a great time showing him the country. Another day Mr. Pepall sent us down to the transport for his horse & one for an other officer. We got them saddled & got on & hit off along the main road. I guess we made a lot of the cavalry men stare as we bounced along, but it was a fine ride while it lasted. I had the best horse for speed. We were to several Y.M.C.A concerts while we were out & had a bath & pay parade. I had a letter from Erland yesterday he is at Bramshott camp. I also had a letter & parcel from a Miss Frank Cuthbertson, who heard of me through a Miss Rathwell who is a friend of Miss B. Logies West Summerland. Get that? She did’nt sent her photo or age, but said she was never happier than when packing parcels for Canadian soldiers. I guess I’ll have to write & thank her to day.

About all I’ve been doing for the last 48 hrs is sleeping. there are 10 of us in one dug out & thats all there is room to do. If you move at all you have to move all together & any one trying to get out in the night to do sentry duty gets severely called down by “the dean”, for walking on him. “The Dean” sleeps next the door & is called after the famous (?) Dean Inge. I guess you have heard of him, (he Dean Inge holds very gloomy views about the war & everything in general.) Our Dean is something the same. He is as fussy as a hen with chickens, he is an Englishman of about 35 years & apparently has been all over the world & does’nt think much of any place, he’s always calling down Kitchener, Asquith, Lloyd George & a few others & trying to explain how things should be run. He can be summed up in the one word, Glum!

We had some tea this morning that was so strong that some who drank it, couldnt sleep while some others went to sleep & apparently arent going to wake any more. Its so strong I’ve been spitting a plug of MacDonalds chewing tobacco every time I cough for the last three hours.

Well I guess this is about all I know just now, passes are ancient History. I see my venerable friend the “Dean” making preparations for another onslaught on some one so must get ready to argue too, always against him no matter what he’s talking about,

love to all.

Search Terms Bramshott Camp
Creator Gordon Munro
Object Name Letter
Catalog Number 2017.22.83