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Title Munro Letters: Dec. 14 1916: Aunt Ruth to Melville Munro
Abstract Aunt Ruth writes to Melville. They talk about their mother's illness, as well as some family friends coming later in the week to visit. They also gossip about a sweetheart of Art Hillmer, and wish Melville and his family members well.
Date 1916/12/14
Collection Private Gordon Munro Letters WW1 1915-1918
Letter Transcript 305 Sunnyside Ave.
Toronto, Ont. Dec. 14/16

Dear Porky,
Was so sorry to hear of your illness and will not say I told you so although I could, now, couldn't I??? As you can see I can't make a question mark. You say you just had pleurisy. I wonder how much more you wait. Mother waited to put a mustard plaster on you but she should have had one on herself. She now has congestion of the lungs and has been in bed for two weeks. We hope she will be up for Xmas. I am going to spend

(PAGE 2)
the day in G-town as mother can not come down here.
I have not seen Dorothy since Thursday where we went to the "Regent" together. I was speaking to her a few minutes ago and she was asking if Hillmer still writes to Mary one. You seem to think I have a heart made of stone when you imagine I would tell her of Hillmer's love for her. She told me that he gave her a big box of candies when she was in Hamilton. She also says she broke several hearts while there.
I saw the 228 on parade yesterday. The crowds down town yesterday were awful. I went to G-town in the morning, came back at noon & shopped

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all afternoon. The Brooke family arrive in Toronto on Tuesday. Have you ever seen Billy? Dorothy and I are going to take him down town to see Santa. He'll run away from us and get lost but it won't be the first time. I guess there won't be much school for me this week.
I am sitting before a grate fire writing this, hence the writing. I am keeping house for Aunt as she is with mother. It is 9:20 only but I am as sleepy as though it were 12. How is Edward? I remember that he liked the chipmunks in Muskoka. Have you heard from Brock lately?

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I suppose you haven't been skating yet. I haven't myself but am crazy to. I hope you are at home now and all better. It will seem funny I suppose not to have a cough.
Well I guess it's mine for bed. I hate to go but there's nothing else to do. I guess this will be my last before Xmas, so I wish you a merry one.
How is your little sister Billy & Margaret. I have never met them but have heard a lot about them. I will send this to Oakville but I don't know whether you have numbered houses or not. Here's hoping this reaches you.

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World War I
Brooke family
Hamilton, ON
Creator Rufus ? (surname unknown)
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